1) What is TeamLease?

TeamLease Services Private Limited is India’s Largest HR Services and People Supply Chain Company. To know more About Us, visit Our Services section on this site.

2) What is Temporary Staffing or Temp Staffing?

Temp Staffing or Temporary Staffing is a shared relationship between TeamLease, Corporate clients and an employee. The employee is hired by TeamLease (based on client selection criteria) and deputed to a specific client for fixed term contract duration. During the course of this duration, TeamLease takes complete responsibility for all HR Administrative activities, statutory employee benefits and compliances for the employee. The operational and performance related aspects are monitored by the client and the client retains complete control of the same.

3) What is the difference between Temping and Payrolling?

In Payrolling, the current employee or employees identified by the client are transferred on the payroll of TeamLease. In case of temping, the responsibility of the identifying a new employee is with TeamLease. This identification is done in line with the requirement of the client.

4) What is the procedure once a candidate gets selected for a contractual job?

After the final selection by the client, the candidate gets into a contractual agreement with TeamLease for the related project / contract period. The candidate is given an appointment letter by TeamLease. This appointment letter will indicate the job role of the candidate and his/ her responsibilities. The candidate on accepting the appointment will be subjected to the rules and responsibilities of TeamLease and the day to day supervision by the client.

5) Why should we go in for assessments?

Assessment is essential to identify the right person for the right job. It is also important to understand a candidate’s interest, aptitude and skills to assess the type of jobs / careers that would suit the candidate from a job fitment perspective. As an employer, pre hire assessments can help you reduce your training and employee replacement costs by helping you hire better. Assessments can also benefit you in training need identification and career planning for your on board employees.

6) Can your Assessment Services be customized or is it generic?

Our Assessment Service can be customized with additional developmental/ design cost. It also depends on the volume of assessment to be done.

7) Will costing differ for various skill sets?

Yes, the costing would differ for various skill sets, depending on the skills to be tested or customisation involved.

8) What is 'Payroll Processing' or Payroll Process Outsourcing?

Payroll processing is the process of externally sourcing, from a third party, the payroll function of a firm. This includes Salary, Full and Final Settlement, Tax and Reimbursement processing.

9) What kind of Regulatory Compliance Services does TeamLease provide?

TeamLease provides the following services with regards to Regulatory Compliance support

  • Consulting Services
  • Auditing Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Liaison Services
10) What are the strengths of TeamLease as a service provider for Regulatory Compliance Services?

TeamLease is more than sufficiently equipped to cater to your requirements in the domain of statutory and labour law compliances. We bring to the table, the following key advantages for our clients:

  • Attitude of 'Compliance first'
  • We have a team comprising highly qualified and experienced professionals with extensive exposure to handling of day-to-day labor issues in terms of statutory compliances.
  • Our impeccable past record on compliances helps us maintain an outstanding rapport at multiple levels across all locations and hence, we’re able to leverage the same at a Pan India level.
  • Exposure of handling a large workforce of 65,000 fixed term employees on the Temp model
  • Wealth of practical experience – judicial and non judicial
  • Our pan India presence
  • Championing Labor Law reforms– surveys, labor reports, PIL’s etc
  • Active liaison with the central and state Governments
11) As a job seeker, how can I get a job with TeamLease?

Kindly go to the Homepage and visit "Register for Jobs" section, for job opportunities available with us.

12) Do I have to pay any fee to TeamLease, if I get a job through you?

We do not charge the candidate any fee for this service.

13) How do I benefit from a temp job?

We work with more than 800 leading Indian and multinational companies and are confident of finding you the right job. A temp job can be beneficial for you:

  • If you prefer taking up a job on a contract basis
  • If you are interested in working part time and also pursuing higher studies.
  • If you are looking for a exposure in various industries by taking different contracts
  • If you are looking at a stepping stone into permanent employment.
14) I am looking for a job, why should I take an assessment?

To arrive at a fair view of you as a person, we will profile you with regards to your Interest, Ability, Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviour etc. This will enable us to fit you as a candidate into right career and also identify skill gap – if any - for training. Assessments will help you understand your strong points and also your areas of development. You can work upon your areas of development either through self-development or through attending professional skill enhancement courses.

15) I am a TeamLease associate/employee, I have some queries. Who do I get in touch with?

You can get in touch through phone or email or kindly visit Contact us section on this site for more details.


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