Academic programs in traditional colleges, while delivering theoretical knowledge, do not provide a strong foundation in practical skills or adequate exposure to real scenarios in the working world. IIJT was established to fill this void in our schooling system. Its multi-disciplinary courses have robust practical elements that develop critical skills necessary for workplace success.

From one centre in 2006, IIJT has expanded to more than 120 centres located across multiple cities. The centres are defined by IIJT’s firm commitment to quality delivery, sound infrastructure, and vital learning resources. Strong ties with industry are also a big part of the IIJT difference.

In 2010, IIJT signed on to become part of TeamLease, India’s No. 1 staffing company. The result, IIJT, is a rejuvenated entity that will build on the tremendous synergies generated by the deal. Partnering with a placement powerhouse provides access to a vast employment network that IIJT can leverage for its students. For its part, TeamLease can use IIJT's expertise in training to make inroads into filling the employability gap in the labour market. By taking training to people and people to jobs, the affiliation will vastly improve the efficiency of this market.

For more details please visit our IIJT website (www.iijt.net).



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