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An unprecedented situation calls for unprecedented solution. Six decades of Indian higher system has limited its focus on the formal sector that constitutes 8% of the labour force. The rest of 92% in informal sector is outside the ambit of the universities.  The informal sector lives in graded levels of economic disadvantage – all in spite of increase in GDP. Serious economic, regional, social, and gender disparities in education, health and income levels are indicators of low human development. Mass liberal education with increased enrolment in professional education has not addressed the problems of unemployment and un-employability of the graduates.  The university system has a requirement to realign its policies, processes and educational services to facilitate holistic societal development and harmony. 

Gujarat, the state renowned for entrepreneurial spirit, accounts for 16% of the industrial investment and production at national level with less than one sixteenth of the population. The per capita income and GDP growth rate of Gujarat is much higher than for the nation, true to its reputation as the "Growth Engine of India". With its focus on industrial progress and infrastructure development, Gujarat believes in inclusive growth and income rise across all sections of the society. The state recognizes the criticality of skill training and continuous skill upgrade amidst globalized competition and, encourages educational institutions to take up quantitative and qualitative measures for capacity building. To support private initiatives, Gujarat has come up with a legislative provision through Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009.  

TeamLease Education Foundation (TLEF) had submitted a proposal for establishing TeamLease Skills University (TLSU) in Gujarat for which an LOI was issued in Feb’12. Subsequently, State Assembly has passed the Gujarat Private University Act (amendment) on   1st April’13 approving establishment of TeamLease Skills University – India’s First Vocational University. 

TLSU will offer skill based academic programs to students with higher secondary or equivalent qualification. Our programs will enhance employability of these students and provide human resource to the fast growing manufacturing and service sectors in Gujarat. 

TLSU plans to offer Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma, 2 Years Associate Degree and Degree programs in following fields during Phase I launch from July’14. 

  1. Mechatronics and allied multi-skill manufacturing disciplines
  2. IT Infrastructure and Hardware
  3. Finance, Accounting services and operations
  4. Hospitality and Tourism 

TLEF in its efforts to establish TLSU as a “Light House” of Vocational Education in Gujarat / India is also in dialogue with few nationally and internationally reputed institutions in each domain which it aims to operate, to bring best practices. 

TLSU will support Gujarat in its vocational education and training initiatives. TLSU programs will provide vertical link to the pass-outs of Vocational Higher Secondary Schools as well as ITI candidates, which can synergize enrolment in these institutions.

TLSU further plans to offer consultancy, skill up-gradation and continuing education services to the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises. With the support of the Government of Gujarat, TLSU will participate in skill inculcation of the informal labour and community enrichment education. TLSU will employ blended mode of instruction using faculty expertise, hands-on training, cloud computing capability and industry interaction.

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