Employees and Employers prefer variable pay and flexi benefits along with plain salary increments states TeamLease Report

Regulatory changes critical to create 1 crore formal jobs states TeamLease Services


Employer Expectations are better met by apprentices than freshers states TeamLease Report

Teamlease Salary Primer Report 2017: Bangalore and Mumbai leads India’s employment market, putting Delhi behind all but one

Hiring Sentiment to improve incrementally over the next six months; TeamLease Employment Outlook Report

Overall Employment Outlook for India Inc dips sharply, by 6 percentage points, for the half year, April – September, 2017: TeamLease Employment Outlook Report 2017-18

Goal of creating 120 million jobs in 24 sectors over 2015 -2020 will be hard to accomplish: TeamLease Labour Laws Eco-system Report 2017


GST to boost job creation; Hiring to increase by 11%: TeamLease Report

Vocational education in India continues to rank lower than any other program and is mired with low esteem: TeamLease report

52% of women prefer to work with younger bosses: TeamLease Study

Corporate India calls for paperless Labour Law compliance

E-Commerce and tech start-ups to dominate hiring; will witness a 23.6% growth in jobs: TeamLease Employment Outlook Report

India Inc. to hire more, but pay moderately; states TeamLease jobs & salaries primer 2016

49% of India Inc. believes referral programs breeds mediocrity: TeamLease study

India Inc still reluctant to integrate women into workforce; more than 72% of women feel gender bias still exists: TeamLease study