Jan 2017
1   West Bengal - ESIC

West Bengal ESIC Implementation of Entire Hooghly District

2   Maharashtra

Maharashtra minimum Wages scheduled Jan – 2017 to June - 2017

3   Kerala

Minimum rate of wages for Shop and Establishments in Kerala been changed

4   Central MW

Minimum rate of wages for Central has been changed.

5   Jharkhand

Minimum rate of wages for Jharkhand has been changed.

6   West Bengal

Minimum rate of wages for West Bengal has been changed.

7   Tripura

Minimum rate of wages for Tripura, Brick Industry, Hotel Restaurant, Mechanical Workshop, Rice Mill, Loading and unloading and stone breaking revised under Minimum Wages Act,1948

8   Andaman and Nicobar

Minimum rate of wages for Andaman and Nicobar has been changed.

9   Telangana Factories Rules 1950

License Fee payable under Rule 6 of Telangana Factories Rules 1950 revised

December, 2016
1   PF - UAN based ECR portal, effective from Jan 2017

EPFO has launched “Unified Portal” (With UAN based ECR Filing) effective from Jan 2017. The following documents are provided for your reference.
1. User Manual for UAN 2.0
2. ECR flow
3. FAQs
4. latest changes in EPF (1)
5. latest changes in EPF
7. RI_Introduction_ECR2_23617

2   ESIC Notification

ESIC has raised the monthly wage limit of employees from Rs.15,000/- to Rs 21,000/- for contribution and coverage purpose and this will be effective from 1st January 2017.

3   Holiday List – Assam

Schedule of Holidays in all government offices for Government of Assam, for the year 2017

4   Holiday List – West Bengal

Schedule of Holidays in all government offices for Government of West Bengal, for the year 2017

5   Holiday List – Delhi

Schedule of Holidays in all government offices under Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, for the year 2017

6   Holiday List – Hyderabad Twin Cities

Notification of National and Festival Holidays with wages to all employees employed under Shops & Establishments Act, for the year 2017

7   Bihar Minimum Wages

Bihar Minimum Wages

8   Chandigarh Minimum Wages

Chandigarh minimum Wages

November 2016
1   List of Holidays

List of holidays for 2017 statewise

1. Chhattishgarh_Holidays_2017
2. Goa_Holidays_2017
3. Haryana_Holidays_2017
4. Himachalpradesh_Holidays_2017
5. Karnataka_Holidays_2017
6. Kerala_Holidays_2017
7. Maharastra_Holidays_2017
8. Manipur_Holidays_2017
9. MP_Holidays_2017
10. Pondicherry_Holidays_2017
11. Rajasthan_Holidays_2017
12. Sikkim_Holidays_2017
13. Tamilnadu_Holidays_2017
14. Telangana_Holidays_2017
15. 1Gujarat_Holidays_2017

Note: Still few states holiday list are not released. We would update you once we receive the same

2   Bonus Returns

Filing online return under Rule 5(1) is omitted.

Rule 5(2) still continue and accordingly, need to file the return in hard copy.

3   ESIC – Andhra Pradesh

ESIC – Andhra Pradesh

Implementation of ESIC Scheme in Chittor, Ananthapuram, Kadapa & Kurnool(Andhra Pradesh)

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