We follow a franchisee model in implementing our Retail Learning Solutions business. We offer training programs in IT, Finance and Retail. We set up a network of training centers operating under the IIJT brand across India by identifying and appointing franchisees, we mobilize and enroll trainees and provide training materials and also offer placement services for trainees. 

Historically, this business was operated by IIJT, which we acquired in 2010-2011. Until 2013, we operated the training centers through franchisees as well some centers ourselves by leasing our premises across India. We are now moving into a completely franchisee model. We have also partnered with the National Skill Development Corporation ("NSDC") to offer various training programs. In the year ended March 31, 2015, we provided training to approx. 17,691 persons under the star scheme NSDC umbrella, for which our centers are entitled to receive approx. Rs.9,000 per person subject to certain conditions set by NSDC.