Electrical Design PLC Design Leader

For a client of TeamLease Services Ltd
3 to 6 Years
3,00,000 - 6,00,000 Per Year
Posted on 24 Jun 19
Job DescriptionLast Date 23 Aug 19

Full Job Title: Electrical Design PLC design leader

Department: Area Electrical Design Department

Reporting to: Manager

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Position Summary:(Why set up this job, this position will have an impact in what)

Based on the company strategy of large customers, in line with the electrical design technical precipitation, teamwork, efficient operation concept, electrical design department is divided into different groups, in order to strengthen the management team, improve team design capability, efficiency, quality, special leadership positions set design group leader is a direct employee performance plans and managers, direct supervisor; also customers trust and rely on key figures; the direct agents of the company's development; resource planning and control of them; pioneer new technologies and markets.

This position requires them Large customers design team involved requires a comprehensive understanding; Run the project team is responsible for the electrical part of the design review a full range of control and checks; Members of the Steering Group responsible for the design, audit and other functions; personnel training and skills upgrading team; new employee probationary period appraisal; group team building. The superior performance of the organization of work and working arrangements within a reasonable distribution group.

Job Responsibilities: (Job Description / share weight / performance standards / working relationship)

  1. Main Responsibilities and percentage weights

    1. Responsible for their own analysis of potential projects or other large customer potential client project manager arrangements and conduct needs assessments, technical design or technical risk assessment, working hours or the cost of materials design review, to ensure that provide customers with the best most appropriate programs to ensure It is identified and controlled to ensure the optimal cost-competitive, with sales to win orders;

    2. For all projects running within the technical team, plan, schedule, quality and budget review and control checks, and other team members together to ensure the project on time, quality and cost to complete. Specific duties are as follows but not limited to:

      1. Budget examination and supervision of the project team to develop, rationality and execution; the reasonableness of the project plan, develop and implement

      2. Inspection team members of various stages of completion and quality

      3. Standardization supervision team members to perform the electrical sector, the implementation of the electrical portion of the large project operation procedures

      4. To technical difficulties the team members, the project abnormal, timely attention and participate in solving; risk assessment techniques and additional functionality

      5. After the project is done to summarize the dominant technology, procedures, drawings and other updates

      6. Communication and project managers: improve staff turnover rate; and promptly solve problems affecting the electrical engineer working stagnant; optimizing arrangements for electrical engineers work.

      7. Technical difficulties of communication with customers

      8. Communication and coordination with other groups, to ensure the normal cross-group project

    1. You are qualified within a specified group of senior engineers responsible for independent projects, but all oriented to the project leader of the group responsible for the final result.

    2. Planning Group personnel work to co-ordinate arrangements, timesheets, purchase orders and overtime audit.

    3. Weakness to improve training to improve crew performance based on its performance appraisal and crew;

    4. Complete KPI targets and KPI assessment team;

    5. Familiar with and implementation of the company processes a variety of systems and quality systems, in collaboration with various departments to ensure smooth company operations;

    6. Organize regular group meetings summarize large customer projects, exchange of learning, training, technical difficulties discussed

    7. I expected the standard control group

    8. Work to direct superiors team to assist and cooperate with the higher authorities to complete administrative tasks;

    9. To help managers improve management department, to make reasonable suggestions, problem summary, standardized development and implementation

    10. According to department manager arrangements, handling matters related to the branch electrical design

    11. The group of large customers standardized design, design optimization, precipitation technology, technology management

    12. Other tasks direct superior layout;

  1. Performance Standards / Assessment Project

2.1 Performance criterion-referenced head of KPI

2.2 head of the examination to assess the immediate supervisor

  1. Working relations(Internal working relationships / external working relationships)

3.1 Internal working relationship

3.1.1 for the group of direct reports and audit work arrangements

3.1.2 undertake and complete assistance of other leader in the management of sector management

3.1.3 working group to direct superiors

3.2 External working relationship

3.2.1 Other functions give the necessary assistance and to address various issues related to team members

3.2.2 gives customers and suppliers of all kinds of necessary support and coordination related to the crew

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The main rights:

1, performance appraisal team members have the right to decide

2, have the right to recommend members of the salary adjustment

3, may be approved by the members leave within one day

4, the work of members of the coordination arrangements, job content and job evaluation results

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Position relationship:

Promotion can post ---

Can be interchangeable positions ---

Can be promoted to this position ---

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Qualifications (required):

1. Bachelor degree or above, as well as related professional electrical automation

2. At least seven years of non-standard electrical control automation industry development and design experience, familiar with non-standard equipment development process, for general risk of non-standard equipment development process as well as the effectiveness analysis

3.Familiar with PLC / HMI programming and development, proficient Siemens PLC / HMI, more than five years of programming experience, skill in using communications and network modules, etc.

4. The electrical component selection and familiar characteristics; Familiar electrical drawing software, drawing skilled use of CAD & Eplan

The company mastered the technical standards and specifications, technical issues organized processing capabilities, good at learning and mastering new technologies

6. Good communication skills and management awareness, better handling of issues and decision-making ability, good ability to innovate and the ability to deploy training, interpersonal skills and teamwork skills, understand the basics of management, quality control, process, basic management methods in all areas of innovation

7. Strong oral and written English

8. strong self-planning skills, strong sense of self-improvement, team building a strong management skills, strong ability to accept new things



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TeamLease Services established in 2002, is one of India's leading human resource service companies in the organized segment. A Fortune 500 company listed on both NSE & BSE markets, with eight offices and 1400 clients across the country. The company at present has about 100,000+ live associates/ trainees spread across the country and have till date given employment to 1.5+ million people with an aim to hire millions more.

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