Hospitality Management

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Posted on 04 Jan 20
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1. Manage Budgets

There can’t be a business to run if the money isn’t there. Whatever the business is, managing any hospitality operation is a complex position that requires overseeing several departments within its organization. All of these sub-departments have budgets allocated to them. It is the Hospitality Manager’s job to disperse enough money to these departments that will ensure an efficient workflow toward the overall goal of the company. Two major responsibilities are marketing and approving/controlling expenditures.

  • Marketing

Marketing is yet another important task that a Hospitality Manager must oversee. In order for a hotel, cruise line, restaurant, country clubs, and amusement park to thrive, they must let people know they exist!

Planning and strategizing smart marketing projects mean nothing without the money to support it. Everything from advertisements, sales plans, investing in signs, banners, community involvement, even down to the business cards and customized marketing trinkets all need to be taken into consideration when managing a marketing budget.

  • Approve/Controlling Expenditures

Every department within a hospitality organization has a need. Even with the most generous budget, all financial needs cannot always be met. However, if there weren’t a Hospitality Manager to oversee these needs, most operations would go bankrupt.

The Hospitality Manager needs to be aware of all the expenses. Even though they have already allocated a set budget, they also need to know how each department is spending their allowance. This way, he or she can access and re-access if these funds are being spent efficiently and if not, re-access the overall budget.

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Company Description
It’s one accomplishment to have a guest check-in. It’s another to get them to come back. Implementing the best customer service is going to almost guarantee repeat business no matter how expensive the accommodations may be. If guests have had a pleasant experience with an establishment, they will not only come again, but they will recommend it to their friends and colleagues. If that business is doing it right, that guest will not realize that he or she is recommending the business. They will simply rave about what a great experience they had. This is where customer service plays a big role in making guests happy. The three ways to do this is to meet and greet guest, have excellent housekeeping, and and rectify customer complaints.
Job is expired
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